The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara

The Blooming of Our Garden

Spring has really sprung and the garden is looking great. 

January 13th was our first Friday back to gardening. We observed the devastation that was wreaked in our garden by the wildlife over the winter break. Even with bird netting our carefully tended pumpkins were devoured. Every one of our cabbage starts had been eaten down to a nubbin.

We spent the day making newspaper pots and getting starts ready to plant. We planted blue corn (which we harvested from our own garden this past fall, planted by our class the spring prior). We also planted gourd seeds which we had grown from seed to seed the year prior.

I introduced the new poem "The Little Plant" by Kate Louise Brown


In the heart of a seed

buried deep, so deep

a little plant

lay fast asleep


wake said the sunshine

and creep to the light

wake said the voice

of the raindrops bright


the little plant heard 

and it rose to see

what the wonderful 

outside world might be


January 26th the kids have our new poem memorized. It was a rainy day so we planted seeds in the classroom to compare with those we started outdoors. Blue corn, scarlet runner beans, sunflowers, gourds, radish and broccoli.


On February 16th we planted 40 blue corn starts which we started in the classroom in our outer bed which we had sheet mulched and prepared back in the fall with liquid amber leaves, compost, and straw. We put up our crop cage to protect the corn from the rodents and wildlife.


On March 3rd we planted tomatoes and basil, tended and watered garden and on March 10  we planted kale, rainbow chard, arugula, and breadseed poppy.


On March 17th we harvested worm castings from the worm bin we started in the fall and have tended throughout the year. The worms looked great and all the food was beautifully transformed to dark black soil, or black gold. We spread it around our beds and watered it in and re-bedded the worms.

The kids had so much fun which you will see from the pictures. They named the worms with names like "Fat Freddy" and "Skinny Joe" and were so engaged from the moment class started to when we finished and filled with joyous smiles.