The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara

Celebrating The Pentathlon

By Ms. Marla Witcher, 5th grade teacher.
The Pentathlon is an annual celebration of grace, skill and determination specifically designed for the fifth grader. It is a culminating event of the year’s curriculum as the students have studied the amazing sense of balance, truth and beauty of ancient Greece. 
As the name implies, the pentathlon consists of five athletic events:  the long jump, the javelin throw, the discus throw, golden wrestling and the city-state relay race. 
It is a day of celebrating community and social interaction, as other Waldorf schools from our region come together to compete with one another as if witnessed by the Greek gods Zeus and Athena themselves.
This year, our very own Ms. Brooke Anderson (1st grade teacher) played the role of Athena and Ted Tazer-Myers, our school's Administrator, was Zeus.
Magnificent pageantry sets the stage for the athletes, as our amphitheater is transformed into Mt. Olympus and our field is turned into four Greek city-states.
The day begins with an opening ceremony which is filled with song and recitation of odes written to the Greek gods.  These odes written by the students are filled with hopes that each athlete will achieve their own personal excellence in physical skill, beautiful athletic form, good sportsmanship and shared joy.