The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara

When Summer Camp becomes the best part of Summer

     Our Early Childhood Summer Camp is on its fourth week with a long list of activities and craft projects geared to stimulate children's minds and imagination.

Our goal is to provide an environment that's nurturing, warm and welcoming so children are inspired to explore, make friends and learn new things about nature and the world around them.

The theme for the first two weeks was "Forts and Fantasy". The kids had a chance to make houses out of large card boxes, which they painted and decorated.

They also made "paper forts" which gave them a great opportunity to learn some basic geometry while playing out the most amazing fantasy stories inside these wonderful structures.

This week we it was all about being "Nature Explorers" . Children had an opportunity to learn and deepen their connection with the natural world through indoor and outdoor activities.

For their indoor activities they have been working on ceramics and decorating lily pads with frogs, dragonflies and turtles. Painting paper birds with watercolor and sewing them as a group was a very popular activity.

A paper mache beehive (with bees made out pine cones) was another huge success! Kids loved the idea of creating their very own "bee-world" while learning more about bees and their very important role in our environment.

The children also had a chance to walk to three different nearby parks, including the forest behind our campus. Some of the "treasures" discovered along the way included a "troll house", a "hungry gopher", and a blue bird nest. The teachers used every discovery as an opportunity to engage the children in learning more about the harmony and wonder that rules the natural world.

Next week we start a new theme with "Fairies and Gnomes"  Fairy houses? Or perhaps a Fairy Tea Party? The teachers are already busy preparing new activities to stimulate and expand the children's imagination.

We'll end the summer with "Little Artist" with plenty of colorful projects in celebration of the creative expression of these wonderful young minds.

Learning and playing go so well together, especially during the sweet years of childhood. Play is work and work is play where the innate sense of curiosity in a child becomes a long lasting love for learning.

We wish you a great summer and every opportunity to enjoy the magic that only childhood can hold.