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Admissions Criteria

Acceptance to The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara is based on the school’s ability to meet the child’s needs, the child’s ability to function in the class, and the family’s willingness to support Waldorf education by providing an appropriate, healthy, nurturing environment for the child.

Waldorf Santa Barbara does not administer standardized tests for admission. We use previous school records, any testing and evaluations that have already been done, personal interviews, and grade-level readiness assessments.

Suitable applicants for Pre-School and Kindergarten are those children whose developmental, social, and learning potentials are such that they may be able to function harmoniously within groups of twenty or fewer, depending upon their age, and whose parents are willing to work with the teachers of the program for the wellbeing of the individual child, while keeping in mind the needs of all the children within the group.

Appropriate applicants for Grades One through Eight are students who are capable of functioning successfully in a class with one teacher without requiring exceptional attention for behavioral issues, work habits, or academic limitations. The school is able to accommodate very few students with such needs. If such students can be accommodated in some way, and resource services are required, the parents may be required to provide the services as a condition of admission.

It is tacitly understood that re-enrollment for any given year requires that the above criteria continue to apply at each subsequent level beyond initial enrollment in the school. If it should become evident that the criteria are no longer met, the school would counsel the family to seek a more appropriate placement for either their own values or for the student’s needs.