The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara


Thank you for your interest in the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara. Since 1984, the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara has prepared students to enter adulthood with the capacities of self-discipline, independence, analytical and critical thinking skills, respect for their fellow human beings, and a reverence for the world's beauty and wonder.
The Waldorf curriculum enlivens the head, the heart and the hands through creative and active engagement with academics, art, music, movement and language. Waldorf education is based on the simple yet profound insight that children learn in distinctly different ways at different stages of their development. The Waldorf curriculum is therefore designed to meet each stage of development physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
Choosing a school is a journey for the entire family. Our website is full of wonderful information, and we encourage you to visit our joy-filled school to see and feel Waldorf education in action.  Meeting our teachers, students and seeing the community we build together is a memorable experience - one that we look forward to sharing with you.  
Please feel free to contact us at anytime to schedule a visit or RSVP for an Early Childhood Open House or Walk Through Waldorf tour. 


Our Story

Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner founded the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany in 1919. Waldorf education put down roots in America in 1928 with the founding of the Rudolf Steiner School of New York City.

The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara was formed in 1984 by a group of parents seeking the enlivened education that is Waldorf for their children. That first class of kindergartners met in shared rooms, which had to be packed up each Friday afternoon to make way for the site’s weekend occupants! As that first class of kindergartners advanced through the grades, new classes formed and followed behind them. The school now has over 100 students who are led by a dedicated faculty, surrounded by a vibrant community, and supported by a committed administrative team and board of trustees.

Our campus is located in a quiet Goleta neighborhood, surrounded by open space, trails, and even a frisbee golf course! From the grades classrooms, the quieter sounds of academic study are interspersed with the sounds of song and verse, flute and strings, woodworking and handwork activities. In our Nursery and Kindergarten classrooms, you will find warmth and comfort amidst natural play toys and crafts with aromas of cooking and baking and the sounds of children's laughter filling in the air. We have ample gardens which the children tend to, spacious playing fields, an outdoor amphitheater, designated science space for the middle school grades and much more.

We look forward to serving our community and continuing our ongoing growth in strength and vitality long into the future.