The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara


Our Rosemary Kindergarten Program is developed with two basic tenets at heart: the child before the age of seven learns through imitation and play is the work of the young child.
With these principles as a foundation, we create an environment worthy of a child's imitation in which they feel secure enough to explore the many possibilities for creative free play. Children from the ages of 4.5 to 6 years old are welcome. Our program runs from Monday through Friday. 

In the Rosemary Kindergarten, learning is encouraged through movement and play. Free play sparks imagination and encourages social relationships.
Numbers are introduced through counting games. Outdoor play instills appreciation of the natural world. Life skills are taught even at a young age through activities such as baking and cooking, cleaning, planting and watering the garden.
Artistic activities explore color and encourage creativity. Storytelling stimulates visualization, vocabulary, and motivates expression. Children are exposed to Spanish language and culture through games, songs, and stories.
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Our classrooms feature soft colors, fresh flowers, natural toys, and an atmosphere of warmth and calm. We create an environment in which the children feel secure to move, explore, be creative, and learn in a natural way for their stage of development.