The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara

Hot Lunch Program

Please place orders no later than 12 noon, the Saturday before the week you would like your student to receive a lunch.
If your child will be absent on a day that you have already ordered, please give 48 hours notice by emailing, so we can give you a credit.
All Lunches are $5.00

Monday's Lunch
Nacho Bowl including: organic corn chips covered in organic rice, organic beans, cheese and salsa.
Dairy free option available at serving time. All gluten free. Seasonal organic fruit/veggie on the side.

Tuesday's Lunch
Onsite grilled hamburgers with carrot sticks and ranch dressing.
Cheese and Gluten-free lettuce wrap available at serving time.

Wednesday's Lunch
Pizza from Woodstock Pizza with salad.
Choice of pepperoni or cheese.

Friday's Lunch
Burritos from Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch.
Choice of chicken or beans, rice, and cheese.