The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara

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Choosing the right school for your son or daughter is an important decision, and sometimes it is helpful to hear another parent’s perspective. We encourage you to contact one of these current and parents with any questions you may have. They are happy to speak with you about Waldorf Education, their children’s experiences at the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara, and their participation in the life of our school community.

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Chris Montigny

Chris has been part of the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara’s community for over seven years. He owns Ajax Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and he and his wife Monica, have three children: the eldest has graduated from the WSSB and now attends a local high school, a sixth grader who has attended since Kindergarten, and a five year old who is now currently attending Kindergarten. Chris is currently chairing both the Site Search committee and the Board of Trustees.

"My family and I are committed to helping wherever we can to help the magic of Waldorf education prosper in our beloved Santa Barbara and Goleta areas. We feel a deep connection to the Waldorf educational philosophy and it has only grown over the years. It has been an absolute joy to watch the children grow and become who they truly are, embracing experiential learning each and every day that connects their heads with their hearts and hands. As most parents, we are very proud of our children and consider them our number one priority. Working closely with the school and the community has been hugely rewarding and I feel that the more love and energy I put into it, the more it gives back to us. WSSB is a truly special place in the world and we’re so proud to be a part of it."

Monica Montigny

Monica is a photographer and hairstylist.

"The Waldorf school has changed our lives and our family dynamics and rituals for the better. We have met some of the most wonderful people at this school over time. We truly feel so inspired to give back to this gem of a school."

Emma Rollin Moore

Emma is a parent of two children at WSSB (one in Kindergarten and the other in 1st. She serves on the Board of Trustees as the vice chairperson. She and her family have been at WSSB for over 5 years. She is an educator, yogi, healthy lifestyle coach, and most importantly, a mother who cares about her children and how they are being raised in this world. She teaches at SBCC and writes about her healthy journey of life in the blogs


Maryejo del Meier

Maryejo is a current parent of a 5th Grade Student. Her daughter has attended the Waldorf School since she was two and a half years old. Maryejo has an MA in Counseling and has a Bodywork and Counseling Practice in SB since 1989. She has a degree in Early Childhood education and practices Simplicity Parenting as away of life. She's an active volunteer in the community, has been a class parent for a number of years and enjoys bringing people together.

"My daughter is thriving at the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara!