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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Alexandra Carswell

“Reflections on my years as a Waldorf student”

By Dr. Alexandra Carswell


Thinking back on my many years of Waldorf education, there’s no doubt in my mind that so much of who I am today started with the educational environment I was blessed to be a part of growing up.

My name is Alexandra Carswell Engle (also know as Dr. ACE) and I am a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. I run my own medical practice in Santa Barbara, “Regenerate Health Medical Center”, and also treat patients via telemedicine around the world.

My focus as a physician is to find the root causes of dysfunction through in depth diagnostics using natural treatments first and foremost and only resorting to drugs if absolutely necessary.

This approach calls me to always think outside of the box, to put myself in my patient’s shoes and really understand their physiology and WHY they are feeling the way they do.

My time at Waldorf started before I was born. I am the 3rd of 3 Waldorf siblings so apparently I went to school well before kindergarten and would crawl into my brother and sister’s classrooms with wide-eyed joy to be around other kids.

I attended the Santa Barbara Waldorf School for 6 years them two Waldorf schools in France and finished High School at the High Mowing Waldorf School in New Hampshire. You could say I’m an international Waldorf graduate!

Not only did I love Waldorf then, but now as a professional I can clearly see that the education I received was special. Looking back several things stand out.

The Waldorf education model fosters a love of learning and thirst for knowledge that taught me how to see the world with wonder and to question and continue to learn all I can.

The support and nurturing I received as a child during my school years helped me cultivate confidence in who I am, and taught me to be bold and stand up in the world exactly as I am.

Waldorf’s well-rounded educational approach includes music, arts, and movement, which helped me to develop not only my critical thinking but to see the world from multiple perspectives.

I’ve gone on to study 4 languages and have played 5 instruments throughout my life. The diversity of learning is one of the many things that sets Waldorf apart.

We are encouraged to develop not only our minds but also our heart and souls. I can only look back to what I thought was normal for every child at the time with intense gratitude as I see how blessed I truly was.

 Now, as a Naturopathic Doctor, I have found my calling and I go forth with passion and dedication in my commitment to empower people with their health just as Waldorf empowered me as an individual to think critically with confidence and compassion.


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