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Meet out next speaker: Mary Goral, Ph.D.

Dr. Goral will be our featured speaker during our upcoming Open House on Saturday January 20. Her talk “Deepening our Understanding of the Waldorf Curriculum: From Research to Practice” will start the day, followed by a tour through the classrooms with an opportunity to meet and greet each teacher.

Mary Barr Goral, Ph.D., began her career in education over 30 years ago. After teaching in the public schools in Bloomington, IN for 11 years, she received both her masters and doctorate in curriculum studies and math education from Indiana University. Dr. Goral taught in higher education for 12 years and she currently works with Public Waldorf schools, coaching and training teachers through her educational organization, Transformational Teaching.

Dr. Goral pioneered two other Waldorf teacher trainings, Great Lakes Waldorf Teacher Training in Milwaukee, WI (started in 2002) and Kentahten Teacher Training, a regional teacher training in Louisville, KY (started in 2005). She currently serves as Executive Director of Kentahten Teacher Training. Her book, “Transformational Teaching: Waldorf-inspired Methods in the Public School”, tells the story of teachers in Louisville who use Waldorf-inspired methods with their public school students.

Dr. Goral served on the board of trustees of Rudolf Steiner College and is currently on the advisory board of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education. She chairs the Task Force for Teacher Education, a committee working on standards for public Waldorf teacher training.

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