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Simplicity Parenting: an Evening with Kim John Payne

Simplicity Parenting: an Evening with Kim John Payne Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids
Pysanky -Ukrainian Egg Dyeing Workshop
Pysanky - a Ukrainian word meaning, “to write.”
Writing on eggs with wax and then applying the
brilliant dyes is akin to doing batik on eggs.
Join Alecia Dodge on Friday - March 27, 1:15- 4:30 pm
Waldorf School - Fairview Campus - Gr 5/6 Classroom
$5.00 Donation Ages 18 and up
Registration for Summer Camp is Open!

Registration for Summer Camp is Open! THIS YEAR: Two Camps! For Ages 3 - Rising 1st Grade, and for 1st Grade - 6th Grade.
Sign up before 3/22 for EarlyBird Discounts!
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Waldorf SB Stories

Friday Morning Study: Off and... Nourishing!
Kathy Neely leads parents in Steiner's Six Fundamental Exercises for Daily Life.
Tools for Building Capacities for Self Discipline in the Young Child
My advice to parents of young children: Kindergarten Teacher Angela Mietzke, March 2015
Miss Angela, Rosemary Kindergarten Teacher, Reflects on Her Grades Open House Experience
I was deeply grateful to go to the Academic Faire on our Grades campus this evening. I was struck by the love that was present within the learning environment! I was inspired by the creativity with which the class teachers present the curriculum and the clearly evident joy with which the children receive it!
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