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Connecting Head, Heart and Hands

SINCE 1984


Prospective Families

Discover how The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara can provide the well-rounded education your child deserves.



Learn about Waldorf education and the programs offered at our school.


Current Families

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Discover Waldorf Santa Barbara

Since 1984, the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara has prepared students to enter adulthood with the capacities of self-discipline, independence, analytical and critical thinking skills, respect for their fellow human beings, and a reverence for the world’s beauty and wonder.

Interested? Take a tour!

School tours are available by appointment

Learn about the joy and thrill Waldorf Education brings to academics. A place where children connect with nature, the arts, science and their best selves!

Please call 805-967-6656 to reserve your spot (adults only).


Why choose Waldorf?

Fastest Growing Private School Movement In The World

Fastest growing private school movement in the world

Waldorf Education is now the largest independent, non-denominational school system and the fastest growing private school movement in the world.

Nurtures The Unique Qualities Of Each Child

Nurtures the unique qualities of each child

The aim is to bring out the very best in each child, to teach them in a way that sparks and nurtures their natural love of learning and allows their unique qualities to grow and blossom to the fullest.

A Holistic Approach To Child Development

A holistic approach to child development

The Waldorf School of Santa Barbara is committed to providing a healthy, broad, reverent education that honors the head, heart, hands—the whole—of the child.


"Waldorf School of Santa Barbara has truly been a gift. I am constantly amazed and watching the growth and expansion of our oldest child. She is able to play independently for hours. Her ability to engage with the world around her, and create is truly inspiring. So thankful for the dedicated teachers who guide the children gently with love and laughter!"

Megan Llambias

"Incredible teachers so invested in the children. I urge you to consider a Waldorf education for your own children."

Kevin Moore

"This is the perfect setting for my son to learn and be nurtured. I love it too!"

DeAnn Wilson

"Miss Barbara has been a great mentor in helping me gently and effectively set limits and create consistent rhythm with our toddler."

Monica L. Israel

"Beautiful heart centered eduction and I am so very happy my 3 children attend Waldorf! The staff and the environment are equally warm and inviting! When I arrive there I feel I am walking into my other home! I always feel greeted with warm smiles and kind authentic connection! We are so very grateful for this truly outstanding school that is both loving and a highly educational experience that my children love!! They are learning so much and having fun doing it! Therefore they want to go to school and that makes me so happy!"

Ragan Thomson-O'Reilly
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